servizi di traduzione online dall'italiano all'inglese e vice versa.
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traducimilu offers translation services from Italian into English and vice versa in a broad range of sectors...
website translations -
Efficient website translations with highlighted keywords and meta tags. Correct, coherent, keyword rich and professional translations.
commercial translations -
Translation of business documents, company presentations, technical documents, media releases and more.
manual/handbook translations - 
Instruction manual and/or handbook translations in a range of sectors. Advantageous pricing structure. 
brochure/catalogue translations -
Translation of pamphlets, brochures, catalogues and other marketing material.
editorial translations -
Translation of books, literary texts, magazine and newspaper articles and more.
software translations -
Translation of all types of computer software.
patent translations -
Translation of patents for various sectors.
CV & thesis translations -
Translation services for individuals, in particular, letters of presentation and CVs, theses and philosophical texts. Advantageous pricing structure.
other services...
revisions and corrections -
Revision and correction of translations carried out by third parties. Advantageous pricing structure.
typesetting services -
Extremely efficient typesetting and formatting of any type of document. Typing speed of 90+ words per minute.
private english lessons -
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What is a SOURCE or TARGET language?
The SOURCE LANGUAGE is the original language of the text. The TARGET LANGUAGE is the language of the translated text. For example, if an Italian text is translated into an English text, then the source language is Italian and the target language is English.
delivery time...
traducimilu guarantees your translation will be delievered within the agreed timeframe. In the event of late delivery, traducimilu will offer a discount of up to 100%.
file format...
traducimilu works with a broad range of file formats. Where possibile, your translation will be returned to you in the same format in which it was originally sent, unless you make a specific request for a different file format.
are websites important?
More often than not, websites are a potential client's first point of contact. It's where they will go to discover which products, services and prices a company offers. The professionalism of a company will initially be judged by its website and content in all languages. It is therefore important that whoever is translating your website not only has a thorough understanding of the source and target languages, but is also very familiar with the dominant terminology of the sector in question.
italian <-> english
trial translation...
on request, traducimilu is willing to provide an obligation free trial translation of up to 200 words.
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